Who we are

Our aims and objectives

Epsomedical is a small, independent hospital group focussed on elective, that is not emergency, care.  We are not part of any NHS Trust or private hospital group, but have developed as a local provider for Surrey and SW London with units in Epsom and Cobham.  Our mission is to show that high standards are possible for NHS hospital care.  We set ourselves testing objectives which we endeavour to achieve, even when we know that patients are already happy with the service we provide.  Our guiding principle is that we are SETTING HIGHER EXPECTATIONS for patients and commissioners.



We carry out theatre procedures on a day case basis for patients referred to us, as well as providing a range of outpatient diagnostics.  Our consultants have links to local hospital trusts and patients can access the full range of diagnostics, therapies and support services provided by other hospitals where this is needed.  We work closely with local GPs, consultants and the wider NHS in Surrey to ensure continuity of care and smooth transfers where care is delivered by more than one provider. 



We believe that good care starts with good clinical practice, and we actively monitor clinical outcomes to ensure we achieve our aims.  We measure a broad range of performance statistics to ensure that patients are not kept waiting, that all information patients need is readily available, that all test results are available when required, that referring GPs are informed immediately of the outcome of attendances, and that cancellations are kept to a minimum.  The results are evident in the feedback from patients where we have consistently recorded scores of over 90 out of maximum possible score of 100.



Our staff are the key to achieving our ambitions.  Working in a small hospital requires flexibility and a wide range of individual competences.  We invest in staff through regular training and we support them through the relentless process of change that progress brings about.  The result has been that, of all the compliments and congratulations that the hospital has earned from patients, the great majority have paid tribute to the dedication and professionalism of our staff.


Value for Money

The NHS is our main customer, and we endeavour to make sure that it gets the best value for money.  Our prices are systematically cheaper than those of other local NHS hospitals and all activity we undertake is easily auditable to ensure that patient care pathways are efficiently managed.


Modern Slavery

Our modern slavery and human trafficking statement explains what we have done to prevent modern slavery taking place in our business and supply chains. The statement can be found here.


Carbon Reduction Plan

Our Carbon Reduction Plan evidences our commitment to the reduction of our carbon emissions; it will be updated annually and will reflect any changes in organisational structure, to reduce our emissions over time to achieve net zero by 2050.  The plan can be found here.





Management Team

Tim Taylor

Executive Director

Tim had a background in the City and was involved in a large number of projects around the world.  After leaving the City, he joined up with the partners of the Integrated Care Partnership GP practice in Epsom to develop secondary care services for NHS patients on the model of a day case hospital.  This led to the expansion of the already existing unit at the Old Cottage Hospital in Epsom and the development of the facility at Cobham which opened in 2006.



Angela Pearce

Managing Director
Angela trained at Baker Tilly, Chartered Accountants for 10 years before becoming Finance Director and co-owner of an international electronics company for 13 years.
Angela joined us in 2014 as our Finance Director before taking over as Managing Director in 2019.  As Managing Director, Angela oversees the services of our units and heads the Management Board.  She is responsible for developing commercial relationships with the local Trusts and CCGs and managing the various contracts that we hold.  Angela also holds the position of Caldicott Guardian.