Patients listed for theatre procedures or attending for outpatients tests will normally be sent appropriate guidance to help them prepare appropriately.  This page includes a comprehensive set of these leaflets for ease of reference.
Cataract Infomation Sheet
Pre op Colonoscopy Leaflet
Pre Op Flexible Cystoscopy
Pre Op Flexible Sigmoidoscopy with Phosphate Enema prep
Pre Op Flexible Sigmoidoscopy with Picolax Prep
Pre Op Gastroscopy
Pre Op Hydrocele Removal
Pre Op Moviprep Instruction Leaflet
Pre Op Procedures Under Local Anaesthetic
Pre Op Rigid Cystoscopy GA




NHS Choices

The NHS Choices website contains much information which is useful to patients being referred to hospital.  It provides details on the services each hospital provides, feedback from patients, assessments by the Care Quality Commission, the hospital regulator and much else.  It also provides a symptom checker which provides insights for the layman on various conditions and guidance on what patients can do to help manage their conditions.

Symptom Checker



Would you like a Chaperone during your consultation?


Do you want someone to stay with you during your examination?


There are occasions when the doctor or nurse needs to give you a full examination.


All patients are entitiled to have a chaperone with them for any physical examination.


If you want a member of staff to accompany you during the visit please let your clinician

know when you arrive for your appointment.